Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why AP Style is Important -- For Asses Young and Old

Dear anonymous classmates,

One would think that as senior Public Relations majors, we would be reasonably familiar with AP style and its vast importance to our craft. In many ways, it is the cornerstone of our work.  

Perhaps that's why it's so shocking to me that many of my fellow classmates find it acceptable to abbreviate the word "assistant" as "ass".  For example, "my professor's ass is out of town" or "why can't he just have his ass do it?" or my personal favorite, "my manager's ass must be really smart."

Seriously, how am I supposed to keep a straight face while I'm surrounded by this madness?!  I mean, I'm a visual person.  I am literally picturing my professor's ass out of town, perhaps on holiday in Miami, sipping margaritas on the beach.

Ah well, I suppose I should be grateful for these little bright spots in my day. 

Be good, kids!


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