Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In Defense of Watauga County

Hey pals,

One thing that I struggle with at ASU is how much the students put down the local people and culture.  As a native of Boone, I feel a little resentful when someone says something like “I hate it here, there’s nothing to do” or “the locals are such tight-***es” or (and I’ve actually heard this) “Wow, you’re from Boone!  But you have all your teeth!”

Believe me, I know that there are days when feels like Watauga County is hosting the World Series of Redneckery.  I know that there are folks in our Walmart who look like they just walked off the set of O Brother Where Art Thou.  And yes, I know that the next big TV show around here should be Extreme Makeover:  Grammar Edition. 

But I also know that those same people in Walmart would bend over backward to help you change a tire, or jumpstart a dead battery, or help you pay for your groceries when you’re short on cash.  It was your choice to come to Appalachian State in the first place, and we welcome you with open arms.  But just because we talk slow doesn’t mean we can’t knock you flat on your a** faster than you can say “bless your heart”. ;)


  1. Glad to know I don't have the market covered on red-neckedness from my corner of the world- Winnemucca, NV :D
    Just because I'm in Vegas now, doesn't mean I don't remember my roots. :)