Sunday, January 27, 2013

Unsung Blessings

Hi Buddies!

Thanks for being patient with me as I adjust to working full-time and all the other little changes life has brought me! I've spent some time thinking about all the blessings I have and how many of them I take for granted. Really, there are so many things we don't even remember to be thankful for. I've listed some of them below for your consideration. :)

  1. Yoga
    Without it, we would have fat hippies, and I can't imagine that would be good for anybody.
  2. Suspenders
    They hold old men's pants up. I'd say that's rather vital.
  3. People Who don't Ask Stupid Questions
    Their use of common sense keeps me from tasering the folks who lack it.
  4. The WalMart Panty Section
    Because, really, would you want to share the Victoria's Secret shopping experience with the likes of Honey Boo Boo's family?