Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My College Education in Facebook Statuses

Hi buddies!

Today was my last first day of school!  I couldn't be more excited.  Seriously, I was tempted to streak across campus in celebration.  I decided against it...but there's always graduation day. :)

In honor of this day, I've put together some of my past thoughts on my college experience.  You might be able to relate!
  • I got through the first day of class without needing sedatives or a helmet. Score! 
  • If you happen to see on the evening news that I have tasered my classmates, please do not judge. They quite deserve it at this point. 
  • OF COURSE I would get the hiccups while addressing my professor in front of the whole class.
  • So today, one of my professors admitted I was right! I now encourage you to look out the window for flying pigs. 
  •  WHOO-HOO, midterms are over! I shall celebrate by eating cake and talking like Rocky Balboa for the rest of the day.
  • To Professor X: 2 years ago, you looked me in the eye and said "You don't understand public relations." Well, do I have news for you! I just presented my own public relations case study at an honors conference. How bout that. :) Sincerely, Laine
  • The last week of class is here and in spite of all the stress I'm feeling like an over-caffeinated winning machine. BRING IT ON, finals!!
  • To pump myself up for finals, I've been playing "Eye of the Tiger" on repeat & running up random staircases. And then getting a milkshake.  

Yep, there it is: the past 4.5 years in a nutshell!  It's been a wild ride but completely worth it.