Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dyslexia Schmyslexia

Hiya friends!

 Those of you who have been following Sassy McHappypants for a while now may have noticed that I sometimes misspell words, transpose letters or just flat-out forget a word every now and then.  Here's the thing: I'm dyslexic and I have short-term memory issues.  Both these things result from a brain tumor I dealt with 7 years ago and for everything that my poor brain went through, it really does pretty well.  Sometimes I get frustrated when I can't remember new terms in class or I find a spelling error on a paper I've already turned in.  But really, these are small prices to pay for being alive. :)

Oftentimes, my dyslexia turns out to be a source of entertainment for me and my family.  I've told you about the times I've used the word "leprechauns" instead of "lepers" when referring to Jesus' ministry.  Let me tell you, that makes things a little awkward in Sunday School.  There was also the time I was making a public speech about politics and I couldn't think of the right word.  I think I was looking for the word "humiliated" but instead I said "castrated".  Yep.  And I'm pretty sure some jerk has it on video.

In the end, I always decide to shrug off the occasional slip-ups and hope they make someone smile.  After all, that's the point of this blog!  Whatever little incidents or circumstances pop up in your everyday life, I hope you choose to laugh at them and go on your merry little way.  As always, thanks for reading and putting up with my little idiosyncrasies.  Ha!  I spelled idiosyncrasies right! :)


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