Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Mid-Break Reflection on the "Glories" of Public Education

Dear Public Education System,

These past few days on spring break have given me a chance to reflect on our time together and the pros and cons of our relationship.  

In years past, you've given me the opportunity to meet many types of people of varied intellect, like the girls who decided to rank all our presidents in order from "Not Hot" to "Edward Cullen Hot", or my friend's classmate, who was convinced that Mount Rushmore was formed by erosion.  However, those moments couldn't hold a candle to having to sit through an hour-long lecture on the history of the F-word...FOR AN ENGLISH CLASS.

I am quite weary of paying you thousands upon thousands of dollars for the above experiences, and it's high time you learned I am not your sugar mama.


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