Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Why I'm Not in a Band

What's up, homies?

I have many friends who are musically gifted. However, I am not. I refuse to sing in public...no, really, it's a public service. You don't want to hear me sing! I also took several years of piano lessons to no avail. Essentially, I am the least musically talented person in the world, so I suppose it's a good thing I'm funny and curvy. :) 

Anyway, when my friend and I were in high school, we used to joke about being in a band together. Neither of us could play an instrument, but I think we just liked the idea of having groupies. I came up with some hypothetical band names, and they are listed below (for the record, I chose adjectives that sounded funny, not adjectives that aptly described us).

  • Armed and Caffeinated
  • Honking at Mexicans
  • Fat and Disconcerting
  • Drawerful of Panties
  • Bubba and the Fandangos (not sure who Bubba was supposed to be in this scenario...)

We later settled on "The Tater Hill Harlots". I guess it really is a good thing we grew up and went to college instead of pursuing bandhood. :)


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