Sunday, December 30, 2012

Back-Up Plans

Well hey there, kids!

Oh my, so much has happened since my last post! I graduated cum laude on December 16th, started working full-time at my awesome job, celebrated Christmas with the family, and much more. As you might imagine, several of my family members and friends have asked me what "my plan" is now. Now that I've graduated, what's my next goal? What kinds of jobs am I applying for? All these questions have reminded how unstable the job market is right now, so you guys will be happy to hear that I have come up with some "back-up plans". :)

Plan #1 Work as the Chick-fil-A Cow
You have no idea how many people (seven, yes, seven) have told the staff members of the local Chick-fil-A that I need to be the next person to work as their cow mascot. I can't express how flattered I am by this (NOT!). However, the person inside that cow costume probably works full time and receives benefits. Not bad for standing by the road and making an arse (I mean, cow) of yourself...

Plan #2 Become a Fortune Cookie Writer
I you know how much havoc I could wreak (cue evil laugh)?!

Plan #3 Become a Politician
Apparently, all you need to be a successful politician is a big mouth, an attitude, and plenty of hairspray. Believe me, I meet all those qualifications. ;)



  1. Working as the cow, you get paid time and a half...starting to look more attractive, am I right?!